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Grow offerings emphasize strategic support for ongoing growth, continuing intra-preneurship, and professional development for the corporate leader.


Strategic Monitoring monthly meetings with a seasoned professional mentor, to provide consistent critical review and recommendations regarding progress toward strategic milestones.

Peer Mentorship:  LXC (Leader Exchange Council) is a national, membership-based peer advisory organization. Consisting of distinct business owners or leaders, each council is hand-picked through a proprietary process to ensure that every member complements each other and the overall group.  Learn how LXC can help.

Private Hourly Consultationas-needed meetings with a seasoned professional mentor, in one-hour blocks.


Fresh Look - Corporate Revisioning:  assists the management team in envisioning future opportunities and gathering the data needed to make decisions about them.

Market Opportunity Study:  quantifies addressable market and reviews the competitive environment for a particular target segment.

Competitive Review:  provides an understanding of the competitive landscape and expected direct competitors to the proposed business concept.

Private Hourly Consultation as-needed meetings with the executive director, in one-hour blocks.

Idea Review critically assesses proposed changes in company focus and/or mission.


Long-term Profitability Planning Assistance:  assists the management team in developing financial projections for potential opportunities for the company, both internally generated and acquisition possibilities.

Strategic Acquisition Study:  reviews compatibility with and the potential offered through possible acquisitions and assists in valuing the options.

Introductions to Investment Bankers:  introductions to potential investment bankers and/or financial intermediaries.


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