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Our 45,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility features single office space for pre-launch operations, semi-custom office suites and lab space carefully programmed to accommodate modular growth of member companies as they expand, and shared conference rooms of various sizes.

Please contact the VT KnowledgeWorks staff if you would like a tour of our high-tech facility or if you would like to rent office space.  To view a complete list of VT KnowledgeWorks' services and fees, click here.


Design Your Team - Personnel Needs Definition:  identify the core competencies required for business success.  $250

Build Your Team - Search Assistance:  explore how your team should be structured for launch, and how it should grow as the business expands.  Learn where to find the right people and how to attract them.  No charge.

Design Team Compensation Packages:  review the range of salary, performance award, and equity compensation options, and assist the management team in selecting the mix appropriate for their company.  $250


Presentation and Business Model Review:  critically reviews the documents prepared by the management team, including the business model and financial projections, and assists in introducing the team to potential investors.  $250


Leasing Space:  the VTCRC offers custom space and flexible leasing agreements to tailor office environments to suit any corporate culture.  The benefits of leasing space at the VTCRC far exceed those of any other commercial site in the area.  Request a quote for a private suite, co-working community, or virtual residency.


Company: VT KnowledgeWorks
Street: 1715 Pratt Drive, Suite 1000
Postal/City: Blacksburg, Virginia 24060
Phone: 540-443-9100
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