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Plan program components help market-worthy ventures organize, formulate strategy, and obtain outside investment.


The Entrepreneurship Option:  this interactive workshop will help you identify what it takes and what it means to be a true entrepreneur instead of an employee.

Private Hourly Consultation:  as-needed meetings with a seasoned professional mentor, in one-hour blocks.

Market Opportunity Study:  quantifies addressable market and reviews the competitive environment for a particular target segment.

Competitive Review:  provides an understanding of the competitive landscape and expected direct competitors to the proposed business concept.


Pre-Launch Orientation Bundle:  the ultimate success or failure of a venture is quite often determined by decisions and assumptions made well before the business is formally launched.  Register for the VT KnowledgeWorks Pre-Launch Orientation Bundle.  Our thorough review of important start-up issues and ongoing strategic mentorship will help you launch your business with confidence.

Investor Presentation Assistance:  assists the venture management team in the preparation of the documents needed to approach and review their business concept with potential investors.


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