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Plan program components help market-worthy ventures organize, formulate strategy, and obtain outside investment.  To view a complete list of VT KnowledgeWorks' services and fees, click here.

Review these additional resources on how to finance your business.

CONCEIVE:  VT KnowledgeWorks Membership Not Required

The Entrepreneurship Option:  this interactive workshop will help you identify what it takes and what it means to be a true entrepreneur instead of an employee.  No charge.

Business Competitions:  enter to compete in the Global Entrepreneurship Challenge Semifinals or Innovation Challenge.  No charge.

Game Changers Challenge:  one entrepreneur or entrepreneurial team may qualify for a $25,000 "Running Start" loan plus a package of free startup assistance services.  Solid runners-up may also qualify for free startup assistance.  No charge.

Pathways to Innovation offers private, candid conversations with the new VT KnowledgeWorks Innovator-in-Residence, Kevin Passarello, about the opportunities for translating specific scientific developments into successful commercial products.  Virginia Tech scientists and engineers can request a date with Kevin by submitting a one-page abstract and selecting a preferred meeting time during his regular visits to Blacksburg.  Sign up then Submit.  No charge.

Private Hourly Consultation:  as-needed meetings with a seasoned professional mentor, in one-hour blocks.  $200/hour

Market Opportunity Study:  quantifies addressable market and reviews the competitive environment for a particular target segment.  $500 and up

Competitive Review:  provides an understanding of the competitive landscape and expected direct competitors to the proposed business concept.  $500 and up

Technical Feasibility Consultation:  determines whether there is a compelling customer need for the proposed product that is not currently being met by others or that others would have difficulty providing, as well as an assessment of the price customers would be willing to pay for the product.  $500 and up

Initial Intellectual Property Review:  reviews the patent and/or copyright landscape associated with and complementary to the proposed product to assess its expected IP position in the marketplace.  $500 and up

COMMIT:  Become a VT KnowledgeWorks Member

Pre-Launch Orientation Bundle:  the ultimate success or failure of a venture is quite often determined by decisions and assumptions made well before the business is formally launched.  Register for the VT KnowledgeWorks Pre-Launch Orientation Bundle.  Our thorough review of important start-up issues and ongoing strategic mentorship will help you launch your business with confidence.  $500

Business Model Preparation Assistance:  reviews business model options for the proposed venture and assists the company in selecting an appropriate model.  $500 and up

Investor Presentation Assistance:  assists the venture management team in the preparation of the documents needed to approach and review their business concept with potential investors.  $500 and up

Running Start Loan Application Assistance:  white-paper style application process available to selected early-stage ventures to receive market rate loans with deferred payback terms.  No charge.

VT KnowledgeWorks Website Presence:  member profile with click-thru to member website, as an included benefit with your annual membership.  Included in annual membership.

Public Relations:  distribution of press releases to regional media.  Included in annual membership.

Legal Entity Issues Discussion:  meet with an attorney to review entity selection, IP considerations, founders equity, and fundraising toolkit.  No charge.  Contact the VTKW staff to set up your appointment today.


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