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Abokia - Alumni
...delivers customizable and massively accelerated biocomputing software to the fingertips of end users by leveraging its internationally recognized expertise at the intersection of bioinformatics and high-performance computing (HPC).
Aeroprobe - Alumni  
...designs and builds scientific instrumentation used for aerodynamic and hydrodynamic measurement. Our main line of products consists of multi-hole probes that measure flow velocity in gas and liquid media, provide high-frequency response to measure turbulence characteristics, measure reversed flow, and operate at high temperatures.  
Nanci Hardwick
...serves individuals, families and businesses throughout Southwest Virginia. We take pride in getting good results for people no matter what legal problem they need help with. For those with traffic tickets, we have the knowledge and experience to defend you even if you have been charged in Virginia but live in another state, and most likely you will not have to come to court.
Alan Stratton
Allegheny Brokerage Company,Inc. a locally owned, full service licensed customs broker and international freight forwarder also providing export and import regulatory compliance training and guidance to companies. We manage the necessary documentation and movement of freight to and from international locations using air, sea and truck (Canada/Mexico) modes of transport.
Jim Loux
Altede LLC
...develops and markets food allergy test kits for consumers.
Edward Champion, Jr.
American Biosystems,Inc.
...provides microbial enzyme products for use in agriculture, aquaculture, sanitary and industrial applications worldwide.
Edward Goyette
Ataraxia Advisory Services
...provides full service financial planning and investment management services to clients in Southwest Virginia and across the country.
Mike Jones
Attaain, Inc. - Alumni
…delivers "active intelligence for strategic advantage" with AttaainCI, the comprehensive web-based solution for researching, analyzing and real-time tracking of market and competitive intelligence.
Daryl Scott
Automation Creations, Inc.
...creating customized, data-driven, interactive, Internet and Intranet information management applications.
Laureen Fleming
540-552-7670, ext. 3103
BC Genesis
... is the world leader in Bio-Cellulose medical devices. The company's main focus today is in the development of surgical as well as orthopedic devices to promote better healing and a better life expectancy for patients suffering from a wide range of complications. To date the company has been successful in proving the effectiveness of its innovative material from both a mechanical as well as a biological performance standpoint. The incredible Bio-Cellulose material characteristics are vital in determining the effectiveness of the future generation of medical devices.  
Erik Gatenholm
Biomedical Implant Technology - Alumni
...provides dental implant training programs and a patented, one-piece, one-stage implant system.  
Dr. Norman Kwan
Brush Mountain Data Center - Alumni   
...provides a secure facility for organizations with mission critical computing requirements.  
Doug Mauer
Bulldog Field Equipment, LLC
...strives to offer quality field equipment and consulting to groundskeepers worldwide. Our products will help save time and money and will be designed by a true, experienced professional groundskeeper who knows what it takes to get the field ready.
Cathy Kropff
Calbico LLC
...the Calbico Channel Cleaning Tool is designed for cleaning hard to reach areas in semi-automatic rifles and pistols. Our cleaning tool cuts down on waste, provides a more thorough clean, and decreases the average cleaning time by forty percent.
Ben Newman
CELLINK the first and most widely used universal bioink in the world. CELLINK is a bioink that can universally be used on a wide range of 3D Bioprinters. CELLINK can also be used independently of any printing device, in case you want to perform simpler experiments of 3D cell culturing.
Erik Gatenholm
Click & Pledge - Alumni
...provides a comprehensive suite of on-demand payment, donation, and event management software designed specifically for nonprofit organizations, political campaigns and professional associations.  
Dr. Kami Razvan
540-961-9811 x 3211
Colley Architects, P.C.
...we believe that intelligent architectural design allows us to eliminate compromises. It’s about creating practical designs that are beautiful, efficient, and affordable. It’s about embracing new technologies and new concepts to design facilities that work in harmony with their surroundings: the community, the environment, and the economy.
Tim Colley
Cooperative Leadership Institute - Alumni  
...drives long-term improvement in customer satisfaction and financial results through dynamic, world-class, leadership development, performance management, and employee-partner recognition programs.  
Charles Lattimer/span>
eBroselow, LLC
…takes the math out of medicine. We have web and mobile products and a mission to prevent medical errors. Like the Broselow Tape, our products, Artemis and SafeDose, use a simple visual system developed by co-founder Dr. James Broselow.  
Peter Lazar
Gate Fuels Incorporated - Alumni
...develops and licenses microorganism strains capable of converting non-food biomass into value-added chemical compounds, such as lactic acid. Our expertise in cellulose engineering and the manipulation of Bacillus bacteria, combined with the breakthrough establishment of a consolidated bioprocessing (CBP) strain positions us with an unrivaled ability to meet increasing demand for low cost lactic acid. Gate Fuels proprietary strains of bacteria provide a path to profitability for biomass sugars producers, and a competitive advantage to lactic acid manufacturers. Gate Fuels is also pursuing commercialization of cell-free synthetic enzymatic pathways for the production of bioelectricity and biohydrogen.
Joe Rollin

Graf Research
...was founded in 2015 to be a new kind of defense research and development organization. We meld the innovative, creative energy of a Silicon Valley startup with the mission-critical, has-to-work focus of the US Department of Defense. We unleash innovation through US Department of Defense Contract Research, Technology Consulting, and Intellectual Property Generation.

Jonathan Graf

Green kW Energy - Alumni
…design, build, and install biogas to electricity systems.  
Steven Cox
Handshake Media, Incorporated - Alumni
...a digital public relations firm and the parent company of Handshake 2.0, a business news and public relations site.
Anne Giles Clelland
Innovative Academic Solutions - Alumni
…develops software tools to enable student success.  
Christina McIntyre
Internet Databases - Alumni
... an Internet applications development firm, is the parent company of FurnishWEB, an online data management and order tracking system for the home furnishings industry.
Barry Welch
Intrexon Corporation - Alumni  
…a privately held life sciences company focused on the research and development of biotherapeutic control systems that minimize toxicity while enhancing clinical outcomes.  
Marc Chandler
...helps individuals overseas to get items from the U.S. by shipping them through travelers.
Amr Hilal
JSW Financial experienced team of financial advisors that takes pride in creating a life plan for every client. From traditional and unique investments to retirement, insurance and estate planning, JSW Financial looks at the big picture - helping you maintain focus no matter how the market is moving.
Beth Ashe
KemPharm, Inc.
...a privately held biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of new, safer therapies for the treatment of various illnesses including ADHD and cardiovascular disease.
Christal Mickle
Keraderm - Alumni dedicated to harnessing the healing power of light to treat a wide variety of skin and nail infections and disorders. Its proprietary phototherapy treatment has shown potential efficacy in pilot clinical trials and is the only germicidal light nail treatment that has received patents.
Doug Juanarena
...development of keratin biomaterials for therapeutic and aesthetic applications of soft tissue augmentation.
Mária Rahmany
Kesler Contracting and Property Management, LLC
...since 2006, we have been providing: commercial upfits, new construction, and remodeling for residential dwellings.
Matthew Kesler
Koofers, Inc. - Alumni a social learning company transforming higher education through student-driven, intercollegiate collaboration.  
Michael Rihani
The Launch Place
energizes and diversifies our regional economy through entrepreneurship development and business consulting services.
Eva Doss
Linear B Systems - Alumni
...provides cloud-based software test services.
Dr. Joan A. Smith
Mar-Bal, Inc.
headquartered in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, is the leading integrated compounder and molder of BMC Thermoset composite products and value added finishing services. Since 1970, Mar-Bal has engineered and manufactured quality, customized materials and parts while delivering unmatched client cost-effectiveness through superior customer service and commitment to the total value. Mar-Bal, an ISO 9001:2008 Registered Company, serves the appliance, electrical, industrial, food service and transportation industries from their four facilities in North America, manufacturing plant in China and their Asia Sales Office located in Shanghai, China. Mar-Bal, The One-Source Solutions provider of BMC Thermoset Composites, continues to research and formulate advanced materials, develop innovative products and has a portfolio of brands and proprietary products delivering composite solutions and enabling our customer’s technology and success.
Ron Poff
MatWeb, LLC
is a leading provider of technical data for the engineering materials community.  Our web site serves over 5 million users annually with detailed technical data on over 80,000 materials, search & comparison tools, and integration with modeling software.  Property data is available for proprietary and non-proprietary raw materials including metals, polymers, ceramics, fibers, wood & natural products, coatings, adhesives, and lubricants. MatWeb's role in the material selection process makes it an attractive advertising venue for manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials, services, instrumentation, and software.
Dale Kipp
Maxterial - Alumni
modifies the surface shape or texture of versatile materials, through a method that is very affordable and easy to introduce into the existing manufacturing process. The resulting microtextured materials dramatically reduce the contact area for the objects and droplets that contact the material surface.
Atieh Haghdoost
The Mitchell Law Firm
...rapidly changing technologies, intense competitive pressure, and limited resources require emerging companies to focus on results. We get it. Whether starting a business or selling one, we can help.
Jeff Mitchell
Muneris, Inc. brokers specializing in employee benefits and the new healthcare marketplace.
Burman Clark
NanoSafe, Inc. - Alumni
…offers a full range of consulting, research, and testing services to help clients in industry, government, and academia manage nanotechnology environmental health and safety (EHS) risks.  
Matthew Hull
NanoSpin - Alumni
...use mechanics of magnetic nanoparticles for 1) cooling electronic components, 2) general thermal management, 3) tissue engineering, and 4) biotechnology.
Ravi Kappiyoor
NBE Tech, LLC - Alumni
...fabricates nanomaterials for microelectronics, power electronics, optoelectronics, and biomedical applications.  
Dr. Guo-Quan Lu
New Generation Licensing - Alumni  
...brand developer, product design, and licensing agent for manufacturers.
Kathy Morris
New River Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Alumni  
acquired by Shire Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq : SHPGY), which offers New River's breakthrough ADHD medication under the Vyvanse trademark.
Nomad Mobile Guides application software.
Colin Grant
...projects a UV pattern - visible to birds but not humans - onto window glass to prevent bird/window collisions.
Betsy Kayser
Panaphase Technologies - Alumni  
...acquired by Magnetic Torque International.
Park & Diamond, Inc.
...on a mission to disrupt the cycling industry with revolutionary products to protect both avid cyclists and commuters.
David Hall
Portaqua - Alumni
...provides ultra-portable water purification equipment for small communities, disaster relief, hotels, hospitals, plants, resorts, and military applications.  
Rafael Gonzalez
Rgolf Inc.
...IsoMetrics Inc. is a 3D information technology company working to enhance the study of the real world and inform creative decision making.
Micheál O'Brien
Rife + Wood Architects
Richard Rife
Riff Digital, LLC
...viral-marketing media platform which allows user-to-user "quoting" of self-deleting music clips, paired with options to add supplemental text and pictures.
Drew Meeks
Rural System - Alumni
...a conglomerate providing full-scale, computer-aided, precise custom management of rural lands and waters of absentee owners.
Robert H. Giles
Schultz-Creehan - Alumni  
...creating innovative products and processes to address challenging industrial problems.  
Nanci Hardwick
Shelor Motor Mile
Larry Shelor
Shelter Alternatives, Inc.
...specializes in custom homes design, home additions, and home remodeling. As eco-friendly custom home builders we are well-trained in energy-efficient design, the latest technology of green building and passive solar energy design.
Ed Tuchler
Smart College Visit, Inc. - Alumni
Kelly Queijo
Stateson Homes
...dedicated to building superior homes with enduring style and incomparable value.
Todd Robertson
TechOpp Consulting, Inc.
...a business development consulting firm working with small, high-tech companies to secure funding and commercialize new technologies.
Bob Fielder
Techulon, Inc. - Alumni
...provides unique and innovative biopolymers for medical research.  Techulon's overall mission is to commercialize intellectual properties from Virginia Tech.
Frank Akers
THC Technologies Corporation
…proprietary IP Voice verification biometrics software security applications.  
Frances Lynch
This Genomic Life
...ID number assignment to all life on earth.
Boris Vinatzer
TORC - Alumni
... enables engineers to rapidly integrate robotic systems through a suite of modular, customizable products. TORC's Robotic Building Block products are used by leading academic, commercial and government organizations to shorten the development process, lower costs and mitigate risks. TORC provides solutions for drive-by-wire conversion, emergency stop, power management, autonomous navigation, and operator control.  
Michael Fleming
Transecurity - Alumni
...develops and markets transportation safety products and services based on technologies initiated at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.  
Michael Mollenhauer
Uncork-it, Inc., communications, and design.
Eileen Baumann
Vestigo - Alumni
Joe Acanfora

...medical device development and simulation.
Christopher Arena

VPT Energy Systems - Alumni  
…advanced electronics for the SmartGrid.  
Jack Lesko
The Whole Child Learning Company - Alumni
...offers multidisciplinary educational enrichment franchises that provide onsite computer, language, fitness, and tutoring programs for preschool and grade school children.  
Matt Barron
Ziiva, Inc.
...founded in 1998, and built on a foundation of integrating technology and human communication, Ziiva is an integrator and developer that offers keen attention to customer satisfaction.
Susan Reuter


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