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Grow offerings emphasize strategic support for ongoing growth, continuing intra-preneurship, and professional development for the corporate leader.


Strategic Monitoring:  monthly meetings with a seasoned professional mentor, to provide consistent critical review and recommendations regarding progress toward strategic milestones.  $1,000/year

Personal Mentorship:  monthly meetings with a seasoned professional mentor.  $1,000/year

Private Hourly Consultation:  as-needed meetings with a seasoned professional mentor, in one-hour blocks.  $100/hour


Fresh Look - Corporate Revisioning:  assists the management team in envisioning future opportunities and gathering the data needed to make decisions about them.  $500 and up

Market Opportunity Study:  quantifies addressable market and reviews the competitive environment for a particular target segment.  $500 and up

Competitive Review:  provides an understanding of the competitive landscape and expected direct competitors to the proposed business concept.  $500 and up

Technical Feasibility Consultation:  determines whether there is a compelling customer need for the proposed product that is not currently being met by others or that others would have difficulty providing as well as an assessment of the price customers would be willing to pay for the product.  $500 and up

Private Hourly Consultation:  as-needed meetings with the executive director, in one-hour blocks.  $100/hour


Long-term Profitability Planning Assistance:  assists the management team in developing financial projections for potential opportunities for the company, both internally generated and acquisition possibilities.  $500 and up

Strategic Acquisition Study:  reviews compatibility with and the potential offered through possible acquisitions and assists in valuing the options.  $500 and up

Introductions to Investment Bankers:  introductions to potential investment bankers and/or financial intermediaries.  No charge.


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